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1,000th -- My Ministry's History


I hope you are doing well and are in the best of health. I am doing very
well and I am thankful to the Lord for His many blessings upon my life and
upon this Ministry that is founded under His Name. The Lord has been 
faithful to continually lead me in the direction that I should go. I have
received so many e-mails confirming that the messages are speaking to 
people's hearts and showing them that they are loved, that they can be 
forgiven, that they have been encouraged and inspired to never give in and
never give up. I am thankful that many lives are being touched and I am 
quick to give God all the Glory, Honor and Praise for the great things 
that He has done.

Today's message is very special to me because it is my 1,000th message 
that I am sending to you. When I first started the Website Ministry, I 
didn't have much more in my mind than that. I started with a collection 
of stories that had been sent to me by family and friends and I thought 
that others would benefit by reading them as well. I thought they would 
encourage the discouraged and that they would lift up those who were 
feeling low. Not long after I started the website, I felt led to start a
Prison Ministry as well. The prison ministry was a great blessing because
I was able to send encouraging and inspirational messages to hundreds of 
prisoners in many states. Many were encouraged and blessed by the 
messages and they in turn passed the messages around to the other 
prisoners around them. They became encouragers themselves.

After I had started these two ministries, I felt God leading me to start 
an E-Mail Encouragement Mailing List. I didn't really have that much 
knowledge of starting a mailing list like this, but I took the leap of 
faith and let God lead the way. The ministry started off very small with
a handful of family and friends, but then it grew quite rapidly. Within a
few months there were a few thousand members who were receiving my 
messages two times a week. The E-mail Ministry continued to grow and be a
blessing to many and still God wanted me to start something new. I felt 
led to start a Prayer Ministry where our own members who received the 
encouragement e-mails would be a part of the Prayer Ministry to pray for 
those in need. I asked everyone on the mailing list if they would like to
be a prayer partner with our ministry and to my surprise over 1,800 people
volunteered. I called it Godís Work Prayer Ministry. The prayer ministry
was and is a great blessing to many people who continue to send in their 
prayer requests and ask for those needs to be met. The Lord has been 
faithful to hear and answer our many prayers.

When I started the Encouragement Mailing List, I had no special training 
in writing. I didn't go to college to learn how to be a great writer. I
just followed God's leading and wrote down what He had put in my heart. I
know the words that are written down in my messages don't come from me 
because I'm not able to write with such understanding and simplicity. I 
know the Lord is the writer and the Holy Spirit is the inspiration. I 
dare not take the credit. The Lord did it all and He alone deserves the 
Glory and the Honor. I started the E-mail Ministry in March 2000. It has
taken me over 11 years to write and send to you these 1,000 messages. If
I were to put these 1,000 messages in book form, there would be over 2,500
pages or it would be as thick as your Bible. This is a great milestone in
my life and in the life of this ministry. I am so thankful to the Lord 
for His continued leading and blessing upon my life and upon this work.

I just wanted to dedicate this message to this great milestone and to let
you know that I am thankful that you are a part of our ministry and I look
forward to serving you in the way of encouragement and inspiration as the
Lord leads. It has been my greatest pleasure to write these messages that
are completely inspired by the Lord and I hope and pray to continue for 
another 1,000 messages and more...

I will end with this story which is the reason I first started the 
ministry. It means a great deal to me and I hope it will speak to you 
just the same.

Just A Reminder

God Bless You,
Dwayne Savaya


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