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1033rd -- A Morning Gift


The goodness of the Lord is a gift that we could never deserve or earn by 
our own merits. We could never be up to God's standards and be righteous 
in His eyes. All of our works could never please God or make us accepting 
to Him. The Bible says all of our righteousness are as filthy rags before 
God. We are despicable, undeserving and flawed human beings who deserve 
judgment and condemnation. Our ways are not His ways. Our thoughts are 
not His thoughts. As wicked and divisive as the human being is, God still 
saw goodness in him. God said I will love My creation, I will reconcile 
Myself to him again and I will show him My goodness. God's goodness isn't 
based on our goodness. His goodness is much more filled with love than we 
could ever deserve. The Lord loves us with a love that is unimaginable 
and unthinkable. He saw us not for who we are, but for who we could be in 
Him. (Isaiah 64:6) (Isaiah 55:8-9) (2 Corinthians 5:17-19) (Jeremiah 31:3)

The Lord's goodness reached down from the heights of Heaven, born of a 
virgin, lived a sinless life and ultimately died on a cruel cross so that 
we the human race might be reconciled back to God again. God loves us so 
much that He died on a cross so that we might live in Him. We could never 
deserve or earn such a gift, but it is given to us by His grace. God's 
grace saves us. God's grace forgives us. God's grace sustains us. It is 
by the grace of God that we are saved not of works lest any man should 
boast. If we could save ourselves, then Christ would not have died on the 
cross. It was God's grace loving us when we were unlovable, forgiving us 
when we were unforgivable and redeeming us when we were unredeemable. 
(Ephesians 2:8-9) (Galatians 2:20-21)

Never mistake God's grace as deserving. We could never deserve God's 
love. We could never earn God's love. He loves us with an unwavering, 
unfailing and unending love that comes only by His grace. The Lord loves 
you not because you deserve it, but because His love is so great for you. 
His wish is to commune with you, to love you, to direct you and to be with 
one with you by His Spirit. The Lord Jesus declares in Revelations 3:20 
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and 
open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with 
Me.” The Lord wishes to come into our lives, but we must invite Him in. 
We must welcome the Lord to be a part of our lives to lead us, to guide us 
and to strengthen us when we have no strength for ourselves. See that He 
loves you and know that His grace and mercy is sufficient to forgive you, 
cleanse you and make you a new creation in Christ. Call upon Him and know 
beyond any shadow of a doubt that He will never leave you nor forsake you. 
(Romans 10:13)

I hope this message ministers to your heart to see that God's grace is a 
gift that we all need in our lives. It is a gift that will nurture, 
strengthen and enable us to walk with Christ.


Every morning when I wake up I find a neatly wrapped gift lying on my 
chest. Now I have to admit that in my past I always pushed this gift aside 
without even looking at it. I was too rushed and determined to get things 
done to even consider opening it. I was working, pushing, and trying so 
hard to make my life work out with so little progress at the end of each 
day. I trudged through all of my pains, challenges and difficulties while 
things went from bad to worse. I kept crawling through my life until I was
too exhausted to go on. Then one morning I finally noticed that beautiful 
gift lying there and opened it for the first time.

These days when I open my eyes and see the gift waiting for me, I smile. I 
carefully and happily tear off the paper and open the box. I take out the 
gift and hold it in my arms. I give thanks for it and bring it with me 
wherever I go all through the day. This gift makes my life so much better. 
I meet people with a smiling face and a loving heart. I laugh easily, sing 
often, and feel my spirit dancing even when my feet don’t. I face life’s 
struggles, challenges, difficulties, and pains with hope, determination, 
optimism, and joy. I know that whatever I must face and whatever I must do 
that this glorious gift will carry me through.

This gift is Grace. It is the unconditional love of God. It is the 
unmerited help of our Heavenly Father in all we do. Grace is waiting for 
us each and every morning of our lives. It is waiting to make a home in 
our hearts and minds. It is waiting for us to share it with the world. 
Grace is there ready to help us live our live with love every single day.

What are you going to do when you wake up tomorrow morning? Are you going 
to shove this gift aside and struggle to make it on your own? Or are you 
going to thank God for this precious gift, take it in your hands, and 
place it joyfully into your soul?

By Joseph J. Mazzella

Read and meditate on these scriptures:

2 Corinthians 5:19-21 “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the 
world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath 
committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors 
for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s 
stead, be ye reconciled to God. For He hath made Him to be sin for us, 
who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

Galatians 3:13-14 “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, 
being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that 
hangeth on a tree: That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles 
through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit 
through faith.” 

Isaiah 53:4-5 “Surely He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: 
yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was 
wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the 
chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.”

Romans 10:9-11 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, 
and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, 
thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; 
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture 
saith, Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.”

All scriptures can be found in the King James Version Bible. 

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In Christ’s Service,

Dwayne Savaya
God’s Work Ministry


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