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A Second Chance


Georgia Tech played the University of California in the 1929 Rose Bowl. 
In the game a player recovered a fumble, but became confused and ran the
wrong way. 

A teammate tackled him just before he would have scored a touchdown against
his own team. At halftime all of the players went into the dressing room
and sat down, wondering what the coach would say. This young man sat by
himself; put a towel over his head, and cried. 

When the team was ready to go back onto the field for the second half, the
coach stunned the team when he announced that the same players who had 
started the first half would start the second. All of the players left the
dressing room except for this young man. He would not budge. The coach 
looked back as he called him again, and saw that his cheeks were wet with
tears. The player said, "Coach, I can't do it. I've ruined you. I've 
disgraced the University. I can't face that crowd in the stadium again."

Then the coach put his hand on the player's shoulder and said, "Get up and
go back in. The game is only half over."

When I think of that story, deep inside I say, "What a coach!" When I read
the story of Jonah [in the Bible], and the stories of thousands like him,
I say, "To think that God would give me another chance!"

By Billy Graham


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