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Brandon And The Lady


My husband and I have a foster child. He is a joy to have in our family and is a delightful little boy. 

Well, this child attracts people's attention, I really don't know why other than he has a big 
beautiful smile and is friendly. But, people usually notice him before he notices them. 

Before he turned two, he went with me to take my Mom to the eye doctor. Brandon and I were 
waiting in the little waiting room. This elderly couple came in, the poor lady was really distressed. 
She whined and complained for a good 30 to 40 minutes. She was loosing her vision, had these 
big white spots in her vision. Her doctor had ran cat scans that morning, ran some other tests then
had sent her to the eye doctor for some kind of test that she said was very uncomfortable. The 
entire time, she ignored Brandon and I, and I tried very hard not to say anything to her. She was
just so miserable, her poor husband tried to comfort her and she would snap at him and complain 
some more. 

Brandon was quietly playing. All of a sudden, the lady turned to Brandon and asked him his name. 
He didn't reply, so I quietly told her that his name was Brandon. Then she asked Brandon, "sweetheart,
would you please come give this poor old lady a hug? I really need one this morning". My precious 
foster child, under two years old, ran without hesitation to this complete stranger. When she bent 
down to scoop him near for a hug, he not only hugged her, but planted a huge kiss on her check. 

She visibly changed as she held him near. He stayed with her a few minutes, she softly talked to him. 
The rest of the time in the waiting room was spent with this poor lady talking to Brandon and I. She 
never complained again while we were there. Her face was happier and she was okay. (So was her 
poor husband) I firmly believe that God planted Brandon there that morning just for that lady. 

No matter how small we are God has a purpose for us. If he can use a small, not yet two-year-old, 
look at how he can use us all. We thank our Savior each day that Brandon has been placed in our care. 

Kathy Owens


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