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The Bridge


A black smith was standing in his work shop. Molding nails 
for a very dramatic purpose. When his son of just a year 
old found one as he was crawling across the floor.

As the child rolled it around and around on the floor, the 
black smiths older son who was just six came in. "Daddy 
what are them nails for?" Not knowing what to say to the child 
the black smith just told his young son "They are to build 
a bridge" "What kind of Bridge Daddy?" Trying to think of 
something interesting to say, the black smith just said
"One of Destiny and Dreams" Laughing to him self over the 
ridiculous explanation he had just given his child, he had 
no idea of how close he came to the Truth. 

The next day the man delivered those Nails to the soldiers of 
Israel. That day he made his young son stay in and away from 
all windows.

He didn't want him to see the sight of the man, beaten, striped, 
and humiliated, but worst he didn't want his sons to see The 
nails their father had just made being driven in his hands.

This was never spoken of to his children, they never were told 
of the man that had to die.

Later that year his son who was only but 6 still, became sick.
He laid for many days burning up, and delirious from a raging fever.

His father came to his bed when it was spoken he would die 
with in the hour. He came with a heavy heart and tear stained 
face to his child's bed.

"My Son! My son!" he cried out. When the boy looked up and said 
"Daddy I see the Bridge" Forgetting all about the lie he told his 
son about the nails, he asked "What bridge?"

"The Bridge you made the nails for, Its shaped like a cross Daddy
and stretches across a dark water" The black smith looked up amazed 
that his son, in his state of mind, remembered that story. "And I 
see the nails that you made Daddy they are still in the bridge that 
looks like a cross, one on each side, and There is a man standing
at the other side with his arms wide open, like he is waiting 
to hold me."

The black smith began to cry for he knew his child had seen 
the man that had to die that day, even though he was never told 
of him or never saw him.

His son looked at him and said "Good Bye Daddy, this beautiful man 
is calling for me, Thank you for making those nails so I don't have 
to go through this dark water" With that his last words The Child died.

The Lord Died so you would have a bridge, a way to Heaven. You don't 
have to fall in the dark waters of sin, you walk across the bridge 
made with Love, Stained with Blood, called only Salvation.

By Raquel Pearce


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