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My Blessed Fellowship


Each morning when I arise
I turn my thoughts to God above

I thank Him for each new day
and for His precious love

I thank Him for my blessings
and the fellowship we share

I praise Him for His healing power
and how He keeps me in His care

His love so great for all mankind
He gave His only Son

To be the sacrificial Lamb
for the sins of every one

His blood was shed on Calvary
and I feel sad and ashamed

I complain about a tiny splinter
when He took spikes, oh praise His holy name

So we must tell every one
what God has done for you and me

And pray about the seeds we sow
for it's harvest time you see

We must put out the effort
so Jesus' death won't be in vain

You see God gave us the easy part
and Jesus took the pain.

Martha Valentine


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