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I come a broken person
and fall down on my knees
My body trembles with weeping
as I cry "Oh, God, please!"

I have messed up bad
I have caused so much pain
The tears flowing from my eyes
are falling like the rain.

The pain in my heart
is crushing me inside
I want to run
far, far away and hide.

But I come to You now
confessing this sinful deed
I can't even look to You
I'm on my face as I plead.

God, I am so sorry
it's Your forgiveness that I seek
I took my eyes off of You
and I failed because I was weak.

God forgive me and strengthen me --
I now feel a peace within
As the blood that Jesus shed
covers the dark stain of sin.

Thank You, God, for loving me
and for the sacrifice You made
When You gave Your Only Son
to stamp my debt book "PAID"

I sit here now with tears
still running down my face
But these are tears of gratitude
for Your mercy, love and grace.

by: S. Wood 6-26-2000


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