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He Will Do It Again


I was struggling for so long
beneath the weight of sin
Every day there was a battle
that was fought so deep within.

God's Spirit brought conviction
so at the altar I knelt in prayer.
I confessed my sins with bitter tears;
my heart broken and in despair.

God heard my cries and forgave my sins.
He remembers them no more.
He wants me to get back in His Will
and my heart He will restore.

But it's not long until
I start listening to Satan's lies ...
"What you did was really bad
and you deserve to die...

"God can't use you now.
You are worthless and so low.
Why do you still read His Word and pray?
And as for Church, why even go?

"God can't forgive you this time...
you may as well give up.
Don't keep on trying, it's useless.
Don't ask others to pray, don't bring it up."

I get so discouraged
I'm ready to give up!
I feel like God hasn't forgiven me
I'm so weak, I can't look up.

Then I start to hear it preached
that when God forgives --- it's done!
It's us that won't forgive ourselves...
when we can, the battle's won!

A hope starts to burn in my heart!
God shows me these things are true!
I'm finally able to forgive myself...
to allow Him, my heart to renew.

Then God brings to my mind a song that I sing,
to look where I am now and where I have been
and to know that He WILL do it AGAIN!

by: S. Wood 5-17-2001


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