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He Sets His Pace To Ours


Along a rough and rocky road
Or by a field of flowers,
He sees our bruised and weary feet
And sets His pace to ours.

We may walk in a shady glen
Where streams so peaceful flow;
No matter where the path may wind,
We know that He will go.

But even strangers often walk
A pathway filled with flowers.
They leave us when the path gets rough,
But His pace stays with ours.

He knows each rough and rocky road
Because His feet once trod
The pathway leading to the cross,
The blessed Son of God.

So whether on a desert road
Or where a mountain towers,
We must not be discouraged when
His pace is set to ours.

Our stumbling steps will never make
Him leave us all alone,
For He will take our hand
And His pace will match our own.

Gertrude B. McClain


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