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The Christian Life


Jesus Christ God's only begotten Son,
Died to forgive us for the things we have done.
It is so simple all we do is believe,
Turn from our sin to God and salvation receive.

I used to think that being saved meant being good,
And doing every day the things a Christians should.
Being a Christian is living with Jesus in your heart.
He comes to live there when you believe and He never does depart.

Of course we want to do our best to be genuinely good,
And of course we want to do the things that a Christian should.
We do these things to please Him and glorify His name,
Knowing even when we fail He loves us just the same.

God knows we are weak and we know God is strong.
He'll help us do what's right and keep us from doing wrong.
There will be no test or trial that we cannot withstand,
If we keep our thoughts on Jesus and keep holding to His hand.

God gave us His Holy Spirit to be our friend and guide,
Thus we can go forth boldly we don't need to run and hide.
He'll provide the strength and wisdom we need to do the task,
The resources are available and we can have them if we ask.

God has not promised us riches and fame,
Or that life will be easy since to Him we came.
But He will be with us, He'll be on our side,
We can feel His presence and in His love abide.

By ourselves we'll be defeated but with God the victory's won,
We have gained a new relationship by believing in His Son.
We no longer are God's enemies or strangers or such,
But we are His family and He loves us very much.

He loved us even when we weren't trying to do His will,
And now that we've been reconciled we His love can feel.
We are no longer afraid for God to see what we do,
Every area of our life is open for His view.

Living a Christian life is warmth and joy and peace,
And a feeling of contentment that never does cease.
It's not what we do or say or imitate,
Its accepting Jesus as Saviour before it is too late.

We know our sins are forgiven and we are made new,
And we can glorify God in everything we do.
And all the big and little things that seem to come our way,
Give us the opportunity to show others Christ today.

By Bob Hefner


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