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God, I want to live my life for you,
But I just don't know what to do.
I always fall flat on my face,
I'd never get up if it wasn't for your grace.

Every time I get back on my feet,
And I think I have the devil beat,
He knocks me right on my butt,
And then I'm in another rut.

God, I know I always fail,
Then you always pay my bail.
Well, at least you know I try,
I'm glad I won't fail after I die.

Look at me, God, through your Son,
Then you'll see a special some one.
You'll see your Son when you look at me,
That's who I want everyone to see.

God help me to give you all my best,
It has to be better than the rest.
I want to give you what belongs to you,
Yeah, that's what I want to do.

I know I'm always gonna fail,
But it is to you I hail.
With you I can do anything,
After all you are the King of Kings.

Just reach down your hand and touch my life,
Get rid of all my sin and strife.
God, I want to live for you,
This is what I long to do.

Serving you is what I choose.
God, help me become more like you.

Evan Edgett


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