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God wants you to know there is hope in your situation,
He is that hope, He is that love you seek.

He is right there with you as you draw each breath,
He is wanting you to come to Him as you would go
to your parent here in this life,
He is your parent.

He has given you life with all the power needed to face each day.
He has given you that power to speak those things that are not
as you thought they were.

He has given you the power to refuse all that this world would
give you to try to bring you down.

He has given you the power to keep your mind on Him
for that perfect peace.

He has given you the power to face each problem and speak them
be removed into the sea, that sea being all that is to be forgotten.

We are instructed to think only on the pure and the good in life,
We are instructed to do this very thing because that is
where healing comes from.

We are to be happy, to be joyful in his Holy Spirit, to
reflect on all that is positive, all that is of good report.

Our minds are a powerful tool.
We can determine our own destiny,
We can determine what we will accept and what we will not accept.
Our father did not leave us powerless, he left us with all the power
that raised Jesus from that grave.

Our Father loves us beyond any love that even our own earthly
parents could possibly ever give us now in this lifetime.
He loves us beyond our own understanding.

He wants you to know right now that He is waiting for you to reach
out your hand to Him and take that miracle that He is offering you.

Begin to speak out loud that the mountain of trouble
and complications in your life be removed into the sea.

Speak that you will not accept what mankind has issued to you.

Speak that you are a child of a Mighty King, and you will
receive all that is promised to you.

God is our Father and He is right there within you
along with all His heavenly Kingdom.

He is never too busy to know what you are thinking, saying,
and doing every second of your life.

He created you, He is wanting you to allow Him
to walk this earth again through you.
You are that temple made without hands,
You are the child for whom He gave His Son's life.

He wants you to be healed, He wants you to hear His voice
in your first thoughts.

He wants to lead you.

He wants you to listen only to Him, not to man.

He also wants you to know that when the time comes that He will
take you home that it will be so glorious for you, no words can
possibly describe all the glory that you will know at that time.

To be free, to be lifted up by his power, to be in His presence
without the man made earthly struggles of this earth
that some allow to harm them, is to be free indeed.

He wants you to know, loving child that you are not alone,
no, not for one second,
He is there, He is taking your hand.

He wants you to let go of your fears.
He can not reside in a house where there is fear,
He wants you to let go and let Him do your very breathing today.

He wants to do your thinking, He wants to do your speaking.
You are weakened, I can tell, You are so afraid that your fears
have dulled His voice in your thoughts.

Stop now and take that deep breath and close your eyes and ask
to see His face, never doubting at all that He will not show you
the next step to take today, the next thought to think.

God is there,

God is with you, reach out, and put your hand into His.

God's Love is the power and comfort you need right now,
so accept it..

He loves you so very much.

By Sheryl E. Black


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