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Time To Get Serious

For years we've struggled in the church that our goals we 
might attain, We've fought with tooth and nail against the 
enemy, our position to maintain.  But the day of Christ's 
appearing now is drawing near, And something is happening 
in the church that makes the demons fear.

For long they have oppressed us and held God's people back,
But now they see the church is gathering to launch a last 
attack.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and now 
the church is on its knees, Seeking to the Lord for help, and 
God is pleased with what He sees.

No longer are His people playing church and acting like 
spoiled children and wayward fools, They finally got THE MANUEL 
down and learned to play by God's Own rules. (II Chron.7:14)
They have humbled themselves to bow in prayer, they have turned 
to seek God's face and leave their wicked ways, And this attitude 
of seeking God has numbered satan's days.

Soon we will enter an era when God's Spirit moves with unexpected 
POWER, And all our hopes and prayers will be realized in the 
passing of an hour. From each believer God now demands a resolve 
that will not tire, To lay ourselves upon the altar to be cleansed 
by His all consuming fire.

Then will we be filled with POWER from above, To reveal to this 
world, as never before, His HOLINESS and LOVE.

My brothers and sisters, now seek God that He will reveal to you the 
secrets of your heart, Allow Him to purge you from within and give 
you a new start.

Let go the sins of pride and unbelief which brought Lucifer's demise,
As you see yourself revealed as seen through JEHOVAH'S eyes.
Now is the day of salvation. Now do all that you will do,
Get serious with God, and He'll get serious with you.

By James Pike

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