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Call of A Prayer Warrior

As I crossed the threshold of Heaven, a radiant Angel met 
me at the gate.  He told me that before I could enter, I must 
take heed, and wait.  He grasped me firmly by the hand, and 
led me into a room.

I never saw such deep sadness, I never saw such gloom.  There 
before me, an elderly woman stood, with a tiny cup in her little 
hand, she hadn't any money, and had lost her husband, her home, 
and her land.  A man was sitting in a corner, a blank expression 
upon his face, his children had abandoned him, and the loneliness, 
was more than he could take. A child with cuts and bruises, was 
crying, clutching a ragged old teddy bear, beaten by a drunken father, 
who didn't know any more, how to care. A young woman with a baby, was 
sobbing silently, deserted by a husband, who needed drugs to fill his 
needs. A man was rocking back and forth, his mind in deep despair, 
blaming himself, for things he'd done, memories, too painful, to bear. 
A prisoner sitting in a lonely cell, no calls, no word from home, never 
had he felt so forsaken, never, so all alone.

The Angel led me back to the gate, and with a knowing smile, said, "Are you 
really all that tired?" "Or, do you think you can walk an extra mile?" I 
turned, and walked away from him, my heart just would not let me stay. I knew 
there were many others, just like these, who needed me, to stand, and pray

 2000 Sandra Lewis Pringle
Dedicated to all Prayer Warriors, Everywhere.

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