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Her Pretty Smile

I watch Her pretty smile
As I care for Her day by day
I know the Lord will take Her
But He will choose the day

My Mom, She looks at me
She thanks me for my love
Soon She'll soar away
Like a beautiful dove

Sometimes I see a tear
As She wipes it from Her eye
And then She says I love you
Like She knows the time is nigh

But the Lord will take care of Her
And keep Her safe up there
When He reaches down His hand
And wipes away Her tear

She is the very best Mom
That there could ever be
She's always been close by
And always cared for me

I have a special Dad
That will miss Her oh so much
But Jesus will stand close to Him
And give Him a special touch

But not too many years from now
He will take His Heavenly flight
And go to meet my Mom
They'll see that special light

They'll walk hand in hand
As they did down here on earth
And be so happy together again
Like it was a brand new birth

By Joann Dunaway

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