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My Lord and my God, my Savior, my King-
My Master, my Friend, my Everything!
My Creator, my Healer, My Supplier of need-
My Guide - through the trails of my wilderness, lead!

My Sharer of sorrow when the hot tears start;
My Comforter dear, mending my broken heart!
My Messenger of peace in life's turbulent stream-
My Source of such joy as I can't even dream!

My Giver of everything perfect and good-
You would heap more upon me, if let Thee I would.
My Hearer of prayers, both great and small;
No cry is too faint-You hear them all!

My Rock of salvation, my Foundation sure;
My Pavilion to hide in-My Fortress secure!
My very strong Tower into which I may run;
My wall of Defense while battle is done!

My Hedge about me when Satan's on prowl,
My Door to the sheep-fold when ravening wolves howl;
My Destroyer of all my enemies' best plans-
My Deliverer of my enemies into my own hands!

My Judge, my Advocate, my Covenant, my Priest;
My Sacrifice, the Blood of my Lamb not least!
My Bread of Life-Thy words so sweet;
My total sustenance-my Water, my Meat!

My Lily of the Valley-of Sharon my rose,
The perfume of Heaven on my way bestows;
My Pearl of great price, Heaven's jewel most rare-
The bright and morning Star, mine to share!

My Road-map, my Letter from Heaven, my Light;
My Voice of Almighty God-my Song in the night!
My Name Above All Names, on which I may call;
My Knowledge, my Wisdom-my All-in-All!

My Ark of safety-great Gift of God's love;
My Holy Spirit baptizer, my Fire from above
Sent to burn out the dross, refine silver and gold-
That I may inherit Heaven with the holy men of old!

My Alpha, my Omega-my Beginning, my End;
Answer to all my problems-To all yours, too, my friend!
My Truth, my Life, my Way is He-
Won't you come along with me?

"But Christ is all, and in all." -- Colossians 3:11

By Helen H. Parks


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