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Coming To Jesus


Whenever I come to Jesus,
When troubled or distressed,
I always find a refuge
When I with Him can rest.

I tell Him all my trials,
I tell Him all my grief;
And while my lips are speaking
He gives my heart relief.

When full of dread foreboding,
And flowing over with tears,
He always calms my sorrows,
And hushes all my fears.

He comprehends my weakness,
The peril I am in,
And He supplies the armor
I need to vanquish sin.

When those are cold and faithless,
Who once were fond and true,
With careless hearts forsaking
The old friends for the new,

I turn to Him whose friendship
Knows neither change nor end,
And so I find in Jesus 
An ever faithful Friend.

Whenever I come to Jesus,
No matter when or where
To seek His gracious presence,
I'm sure to find Him there.

In times of joy or sorrow,
Whatever my need may be,
I can always come to Jesus,
And Jesus comforts me.

Author unknown


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