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The Brightest Star


Glory to You, Heavenly Father, 
To You we praise How Great Thou Are. 
For multiplied reasons, how we adore You. 

Those we know of, 
and those not seen 
by mortal eyes, 
The blessings You bestow unto us, 
Our Divine and Heavenly Father. 

The most awesome gift for Father 
to offer, is His Only Begotten Son, 
Jesus Christ our Lord, born in Bethlehem, 
to Blessed Virgin, Mary, 
Who gave birth to our Savior, brother, and friend. 

We fall down on our knees, humbly to He, 
to adore and magnify glory and vast gratitude 
to Jesus, Lord of lords, King of kings, 
this earth has ever known. 

We bow our heads, as we were not worthy to receive Him, 
though by Almighty Grace, we did! And do each day! 
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, now and forevermore. 

Oh, please, in Jesus' Name, let our hearts, minds, 
mouths, and actions reflect the Righteous Path 
that Jesus always shone and shines the Light on. 
Oh, ho, Praise the Lord, in joyous celebration 
of His Birth Day, this year of 2001 AD 

Jesus Divine, You are the Holy Way to lead Your brethren 
back to You, Almighty Father! 
How great Thou are all present God, 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

So blessed are we to have this special time 
to Praise You, Jesus, 
The Brightest Star, to ever be. 
Lord Jesus, our deep and growing love forevermore, 
in Thine Name we adore You and pray: 

May the Holy Spirit continue to Guide us, 
that our ears, eyes, heart, and mind 
be corrected whenever need be, 
according to Thee, 
And strengthened to follow, to carry on 
God's Almighty Will 
in our lives today and always. 

Holy Jesus, so much we thank You, 
in Thine Name we exclaim, and pray. 
In our hearts we sing in rejoicing that 
You were born: The Brightest Star! 
Peace to all and may we sing in harmony. 

Maggie Pearl 12/20/01 


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