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What Is A Father?


A father is loving and kind,
Playing catch in the backyard,
And giving his time.

Faithful, compassionate, just and true,
There are so many things for a father to do.

Forgiving, honest, a hardworking example,
These are just a few things children need to sample.

Laughing and humble, teacher of skills,
Kissing an "ouchie" and paying the bills.

Wise and knowledgeable, fun beyond measure,
Thankful each day for God's dearest treasure.

Devoted, undaunted in guiding them so,
Pointing to Jesus, the Way they should go.

Father's Day gifts are nice but soon forgotten, you see,
But God's gift of Jesus the Christ will last all through eternity.

Teaching and sharing God's love, Word and blessings,
Bowing low before Him your failures confessing.
Asking for wisdom and for each precious child,
Salvation, mercy, grace, purity and to walk in Truth undefiled.

God's plan for marriage is Godly offspring. (Malachi 2:15)
Fatherhood is a wonderful but a serious thing.
"This is an utterly impossible task," you may say.
But. fear not! Your heavenly Father is near and longing today,
To hear these words from your heart, "I will trust and obey."

So tonight as you tuck your children into bed,
After prayers prayed, faces kissed, and all stories read,
By their bedside would you kneel, making this your heartfelt plea,
"Heavenly Father, may my dear children see Jesus in me."

By Vicki Mazelin


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