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The Wintry Night


The cold, bitter wind lingers in the night
Whispering its song as it hesitates in flight.
There in darkened shadows, a stable can be seen
Resplendent in its solitude, as if in a dream.

From amidst the turmoil of a city fraught with strangers
A Quiet man leads a donkey, seeking rest within a manger
Approaching 'neath a silv'ry star shining in the sky
He's brought his wife, rich with child, upon the hay to lie.

For they've traveled far and she's weary now
Filled with knowing, she must find strength somehow
For she's to deliver and care for God's only son
To be born this night… His journey's already begun!

Joseph, her husband, has done all that he can
To support his bride in God's holiest of plans
He's protected her virtue, given her his name
And knows in his heart their lives will never be the same.

So on this blessed night, one wintry eve
They trust in God's will and wait…
For the child who was conceived.

And, as the moon softly steals behind clouds of winter white
A tiny cry emerges from the stable late that night.

Descending from the hillside, shepherds come to gather 'round
To gaze upon His face and strain to hear His sounds
Wise men from the East adorned in elegant splendor
Lay tokens of great wealth at his feet so very tender.

And, as the night leads to day with hues of yellow and red
The Son of God, borne of Mary, upon that manger bed
Shall forever change the hearts of men who kneel, as they, at His feet
Humbly… silently… His will, thus, to entreat.

© 1991 By Lu Mahaney


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