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A New Beginning


I am tired of living the life that Iíve lived.
Now itís time to give it up.
Tired of living in jail, sitting behind bars,
Tired of sleeping on the streets, staring at the stars.
Tired of being a low-life scuz, using and selling drugs.

If I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that Jesus died on the cross,
I will be saved and not be lost.
I am ready to do that, and never thought I could,
The Lord gave me the strength, I never thought he would.

Even though I still feel stuck in the grips of the devil,
I need to straighten out my life and make it more level.
Sometimes I feel so confused on what to do,
I am confined again, but only faith can get me through.
I regret the night of the incident, but itís too late for that,
I pray and cry out to the Lord that I may move forward and not be set back.

I finally have the Lord in my heart and I wanna live my life for Him,
But I canít do that confined, and holding it all in.
There are too many demons in here, eating me alive.
But I know I can do it, I just have to try.

I want to do what is right,
Thatís live for Jesus, and follow His Word day and night.
I can help so many come to see the light,
So they donít have to suffer, or have to put up a fight.
The Almighty Lord above has my life already planned,
He holds my life in the palm of His hand.

The Almighty Lord is one of a kind,
I figured that out when I fell to my knees, and felt the Holy Spirit run up my spine.
Right then and there, I was touched by the Lord,
He gave me peace of mind to know I wonít die by the sword.
Iím another soul saved, another life gained.
Iím heading in the right direction, but I am still being trained.

John 3:16 is my favorite verse, you see
His name is Jesus Christ and He sacrificed His life for you and me.
He died on the cross for all our sins,
God rose Him from the dead to show who wins.

I finally know who I actually am,
I am a child of God grown into a man.
When the rapture comes, I will be on my way home,
To be with my Father in heaven and never to roam.
Salvation is there for everyone, it is absolutely free,
Jesus is the only way, He died for you and me.


Kenny Sandt Jr. (02-04-00)


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