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Once And For All


Do you know my Jesus
and the reason that He came?
Well He wants you to know Him
and not just know His name!

Do you know that He died
on a cross that stood so tall?
And that He defeated your sins,
Once and for all?

Yes, Once and for all!
He will never die again!
Christ rose from the dead
and set us free from sin.

Now if you are a Christian
and you have died with Him,
then you're no longer a slave
but are freed from sin.

Now it's only by God's grace
that you can live a new life.
Sin is no longer your master
and you can do what's right.

Now you have Christ's righteousness
because you chose to obey.
Now you can really serve Him
by His Spirit in a brand new way!

Now for anyone who's listening
and you've not been born again,
His free gift is eternal life
but death is the wage for sin!

Copyright 9-9-99
By Kathy Fretwell Gandy 


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