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Ivory Islands In A Crimson Ocean


Can you hear the agonizing sound
Of His blood dripping on the ground?
As they whipped HIM mercilessly
Spat and ridiculed HIM endlessly
His torso was ripped into ribbons
His accusers laughed like demons
This was the humble Carpenter
Who was treated as a murderer

He bore every pain in silence
A gentle Lamb in the face of violence
As they crowned Him with thorn
And heaped hatred and scorn
You could scarce see this sight
But from Him there came Light
In compassion, His tormentors lacked
His ribs were bruised and cracked

For His blood they did shout
They whipped till His ribs were out
Like Ivory Islands in a Crimson Ocean
He was the Father's love potion

On False charges of sedition
In this painful bleeding condition
He was made to carry His Cross
And walk, to make up for our loss
His back with every whiplash
Looked ugly, red and rash
With the hammer's deadly pound
They nailed Him, He made no sound

Even in His hour of death
For our sins He wept
"Father, forgive them." He said
For us, ugly sin He became
He cried as His Father turned away
Bearing our sins, He had to pay
The price of salvation
To save man and nation

All your sins, crimes and lies
He redeemed with this sacrifice
As He hung weak and naked
An ugly death, yet sacred
He had you in mind
To His love, don't be blind
Recall the Ivory Islands in a Crimson Ocean

By Sheela Sarah Mathews


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