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Permanent Address


A young woman completing a job application came to the line asking 
for her "Permanent address." She began to list her street and house
number but paused for a moment. Then, with a small smile she wrote,

She understood that Heaven is a real place... and the ultimate home
of God's children. 

No place on earth is truly home for those who belong to God's family. 
The Bible says that we are travelers... just passing through. Heaven 
is the ultimate, eternal destination for those who love God. In fact, 
their time on earth is like one small dot on a continuous, 
never-ending line. 

Is God the landlord of your permanent home? If not, then the time is
Right to start investing in the future. Ask God to wash you clean and 
forgive your trespasses and sins so that you will be suitably clothed 
for Heaven's splendor. Ask Him to make you His child through the sacrifice 
of His Son. Ask Him to reserve a place for you, so that you can be 
with Him forever. 

Heaven is the best home of all because God lives there. It is filled 
with hope and joy and peace and love, and it's forever. Start planning
for your future today!


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