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Mending Fences


I know of two deacons who had quarreled over an old line fence; they
had not spoken to each other for a long time. One of them, wanting 
to make pace, took his Bible and went to visit his neighbor. Handing
his Bible to his "old enemy," he said, "John, you read and I'll pray.
We must be friends.

But John, fumbling for his glasses, said, "But I can't read. I 
haven't my spectacles."

"Take mine," said his peace-loving neighbor.

After they had read the Word and prayed together, they arose and embraced
each other. John handed back the spectacles to his neighbor and said 
through his tears, "Jim, that old line fence looks different through 
your glasses."

When we have the peace of God, we can see things through "the other 
man's glasses," and by doing that we can make peace.

By Billy Graham


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