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All It Takes Is A Little Motivation


I love the story the late Dr. Ken McFarland delighted in telling. 

It seems that gentleman work on the 4:00 p.m. to midnight shift, and 
he always walked home after work. One night the moon was shining so 
bright he decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery, which 
would save him roughly a half-mile walk.

There were no incidents involved, so he repeated the process on a 
regular basis, always following the same path. One night as he was
walking his route through the cemetery, he did not realize that 
during the day a grave had been dug in the very center of his path.
He stepped right into the grave and immediately started desperately 
trying to get out. His best efforts failed him, and after a few 
minutes, he decided to relax and wait until morning when someone 
would help him out. 

He sat down in the corner and was half asleep when a drunk stumbled 
into the grave. His arrival roused the shift worker since the drunk 
was desperately trying to climb out, clawing frantically at the sides.
Our hero reached out his hand, touched the drunk on the leg, and said,
"Friend, you can't get out of here..."--- but he did!

Now that's motivation!

By Zig Ziglar


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