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Inspirational Stories and Poems


Inspiration is a gift that we can give to others, and a gift that we can get from others.  There are plenty of inspiring, loving people in the world, and we can learn much from them.  These stories and poems are intended to give you the inspiration you need when you need it--they're a valuable resource that's here for you.



The Black Cat
Five Finger Prayer
The Caged Birds
A Lesson From Frogs
The Old Man And The Sea
Who'll Take The Son
A Little Boys Heart
Shake It Off
A Thousand Marbles
Things To Remember
Remember The Duck
Hearing God
The Ultimate Breadmaker
The Tablecloth
The Ant and The Contact Lens
Last Supper Painting
Covered By The Cloud
The Wallet
The Stranger
The Unforgettable Fair
A Tree We Could All Use
The Harvest
The Four Wives


It's Up To You
Soul Food
Slow Dance
If Tomorrow Never Comes
"Hell is Real"
Hello God
Life Without Purpose
My Name Is "Gossip"
One Day At A Time
I Stand In Awe
A Word of Kindness
Drop A Pebble In The Water
Thank You Lord
Faith of A Child
My Silence
Alone No More
Hard Times
If Today Was Your Last
Brighten Your Corner
Today I Smiled
Priceless Gifts
God's Blueprint
I Searched For You