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Delivered From An Accident


I was saved in Nov. of 1972. I was working recently on a commercial lawn 
mower. I had it about 6 ft. up on a car lift in the shop where I work as 
a lawn mower mechanic.

I was just up under it putting a gearbox on the deck & stepped out to the 
front, and was trying to hammer out some bearings in a antiscalp wheel, 
when the mower fell, in front of me, & hit the floor, it grazed my hand on
the way down, the front of it hit first, and busted the tire rims, and bent
the front axle.

The co-workers came running out of the store, I was just standing there, 
dumbfounded, right up against the mower, this thing weighs about 1000 lbs. 
The Lord provided a miracle of protection. 

Praise Him, 


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