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He Has A Purpose For Us


I was born on a cold winter night in one of the states in then the former 
USSR. My mum was a foreigner there.

I was delivered with no complications, but after 3 days the problems started. 
I was taken away from her and kept in the hospital for some weeks. Thus I 
was breast fed for only 3 days in my lifetime, which I think was not usual.
My condition in the hospital got worse day after day, but in the end the 
Lord God Almighty saw me through.

My mum brought me back home to Ghana in Africa. This is where the Lord God 
Almighty proved and showed His wonders again. Being a little boy under 2 
years, I was very active and troublesome. I wondered away from my mum when 
she was busy doing some stuff in the sitting room, without her notice. The 
next thing she heard was a woman screaming from upstairs. 

I had climbed the railings on our porch and fallen downstairs from the first 
floor of our flat. I had no crack on my head when my mum picked me up from 
the ground and rushed me to the hospital. I only had a contusion but no cracks.
It was just a miracle for a baby to fall from flat over 8 feet above the 
ground and not crack his skull. This is just one miracle. There are a few 
miracles the Lord has performed in my life. 

I keep on giving thanks to Him because I know He is a miracle working God. Most 
of the happenings in my life and my being alive this day is just a miracle. I 
know deep down in me that He has a purpose for me. I give thanks to His HOLY NAME. 



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