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Look To God


Hello, I just had to write and tell someone what the Lord has done for me.
I'm a 22 year old college student. This is my last year in college. 

Last year, I began to have problems with my roommate. She was a sweetheart 
at times, but I wanted my own room and space. I prayed to GOD to help me 
be able to have a room of my own. At night, I would cry myself to sleep 
because I was so miserable. The next semester, I attended summer school.
The Lord blessed me to have share a room with a young lady who never stay 
in the room. She only spent the night once. So I basically had my own 
room. I thanked GOD for that. 

After summer school, I had two weeks to get ready for the regular school year. 
I was so heavy in my spirit. I didn't want to come back to living with my old 
roommate again. So I made it to my room before she did and everything was 
fine. One of my good friends stayed in another dormitory that I liked, so I 
tried to move over there. The matron told me to get in contact with the lady 
whose over housing, but I couldn't track her down. On top of that, my financial
situation was falling a part. I wasn't able to get registered unless my mom 
agreed to pay for my summer school out of her pocket. She didn't take it well
at all. I hated to be a burden on her. Then my sister had an accident in my 
car with my niece inside. All this happened in the same week. I felt so low. 

I got by myself in my room and I prayed. I told GOD about it. Though I was 
still kind low, the Lord blessed my friends to encourage me. That Thursday,
the Lord blessed me to finish registering. I was able to talk to the matron 
to let me move. Before going in, I prayed and ask God to go before me and 
order my steps. At first I was going be in on the 7th floor with a roommate, 
but the lord blessed me to get a room on the first floor without a roommate. 
I thank God for that! It may seem small to some of you, but it was big for me. 
To know that my God knows and hears my prayers. CAN'T NOBODY DO YOU LIKE JESUS!
I love Him! I mean it from my heart. THANK YOU JESUS. I'm free to pray and
meditate on His word without any interruptions. I just love Him for all that
He is. Thank you Lord. 


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