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In His Timing


I lived what most people would think as a pretty lawless life, not to dwell on 
those things in my past, but to use them to help others, to help lead people who
are going through the same things I went through and show them that there is One 
who can Lead them through anything.

Not long after I was saved and gave my life to Jesus, I felt a great burden on my 
heart to go into the local jail and share with the inmates there what the Lord has
done in my life and that He is here waiting for them to call on Him, to open their
heart and receive Him into their lives.

In order to be allowed into the jail in our area you must belong to the Gideon's, 
which is a wonderful Ministry in itself. Well after becoming a Gideon and going 
into the jail and witnessing God's Glory to those there and sharing some messages 
to them, I gave a message one afternoon on being responsible for our actions and 
accepting the punishment that we receive; well not everyone likes to hear that, but 
we do, and that message was not solely for those in the jail that day, but also for me.

You see, before I gave My life over to Jesus, I had some things in my past that 
I had run away from. I knew that some day I would have to face them, and now 
I knew that it was time.  Back in 1994 I was out on one of my normal binges running 
from this or that, when I was arrested several times in the state of Minnesota for 
D.W.I and other related traffic offences, but rather than face my problems I ran from 
them. Well after giving this message that day in the jail, the Lord put on my heart to
go and put this final chapter of my past to rest, So I went and told my pastor of what I had
done and what I was going to do, along with my Brother Gideon's and several others in my
community, that I would be going to Minnesota to turn Myself in and that what ever 
the Courts give Me would be in Gods Hands.

I prayed, along with many others who knew what I was about to do, and in August I went
to Minnesota and surrendered to the authorities, and asked several times where they picked
me up at, and each time those who asked were surprised to hear that I drove 650 miles 
to give myself over to the court, and face the charges that were against Me. One of the
most asked questions was why, because they wouldn't have come to Arkansas to get me for 
these charges. I told them that in my New Life that I live today I live to serve God and 
to share with others about the Love of Jesus Christ, and in doing this I couldn't be all 
that the Lord wants me to be if I carried this around any more, and that if it wasn't for
Jesus Christ in my life, well I surely would be standing in front of them today, Because 
I want to serve God and share with others the Wonderful Life that knowing Jesus has to 
offer, and that I had to come back and face those charges which would otherwise keep me 
from going further with my walk with the Lord.

After all the preliminary steps were done, and to the amazement of the court they set me 
up with a court date that was the very next day, that would be for ALL the charges, so 
that like the first Judge said I believe you are sincere in what you are doing and we want
you to get all this behind you also. (You don't hear that to often in court, But God had His
hand on it from before I left home) When I got to court the next day, they gave me papers
that read all the charges, the max sentences and fines, court costs and things like that. I 
looked the paper over and not having a lot of Money I was hoping that I could do time in 
jail instead, You see I was facing a max. of 7 years in jail (prison) and over $10,000.00 
in fines and court costs. They gave me a public defender, and He and the Prosecutor talked it 
over among themselves and then with the Judge, then the Judge asked me the same questions
I had been asked from the time I turned myself in, and I witnessed to him how the Lord 
has turned My life around and that wanting to serve Him with all my Life brought me to 
come back and face these charges from my past and that I trust in the Lord to lead me where
He wants me to go. The judge looked at me, and I could feel the Light Of God working through 
me.  The Judge said I sentence you to spend 30 days in the county work house with 10 days 
suspended, the court gives you 4 days credit, total of 16 days, NO FINES or COURT 
COSTS and because you are here from out of state and have no job we'll make you a trustee.
AT THE WORK HOUSE, GLORY BE TO GOD. I believe that GOD had this all worked 
out from the beginning, PRAISE GOD!

The Lord has set me free from DRUGS, ALCOHOL; and BEING NOT WHAT HE 
PRAISE THE LORD. I share this testimony to you and to others to GLORIFY GOD, that
it isn't any thing I did, but what He has Done in changing My LIFE, and what He has done 
for Me, He can do for others.  I really enjoy sharing with the inmates at the jail of what the 
Lord has done and will do if they give their whole Life to Him. If you read this please e-mail me 
and let me know if I can do anything to Help you in your Walk with our Lord.

God Bless You,


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