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My Life Change


Jesus Christ is my life and my very being. I cannot remember when I did not know 
Him. All I can remember is that life was very different. I was saved in March 2000
in an AOL chat room called Bible Fellowship. 

We had just gotten a new computer, and AOL, and I was browsing thru it, when I suddenly
got an urge to check out the chat rooms. Little did I know that it was God calling me 
unto Himself. I saw this room, Bible Fellowship, and a woman asked me if I wanted to
know Jesus. I said, yes, after all, I had nothing to lose by accepting Him, only gain. 

I was raised catholic, but by this time, God was leading me away from that falsehood, 
and on to bigger and brighter things. So she got the whole room to pray for my salvation,
all of them, and there must have been 20 people in there, all praying for me in one 
accord, and right then and there, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. Since 
then, my life has felt different, smelled different and looked different. I have been
changed into a new creature. 

My life has been dramatically changed, from a lonely, sad girl to one who feels love 
and absolute acceptance in Jesus' eyes. Truly He is full of mercy and grace. I see the
hand of God Almighty in every created thing, and I treat every person as if I am 
ministering to the Lord Jesus Himself. Everything looks brighter and I have a new hope
and anticipation for whatever God has in store for me. I am young at heart, and am often
mistaken for someone ten years younger than I am. But Jesus loves those who are childlike
in spirit, so I am not ashamed to suddenly get up and start dancing before the Throne, 
or to sing His praises at the top of my lungs. 

I am very emotional, and I weep easily, but more so I weep when I feel the hand of the 
Savior on me. But lately I have come to realize that emotions are not to be trusted, and
I now trust in His word, not on my feelings. I now know the Bible is the only source of 
Truth and life. And when Jesus comes again, I will weep as He gathers me into His powerful
arms and holds me tight. But He does that often now. Jesus is the only Man who totally 
and completely understands me, and I can be considered a fool or deluded by some in the 
secular world. For instance, I often go up in my room and speak aloud. Some may think 
this is talking to myself, but I say, No, I am speaking to Jesus. You in your blindness
just cannot see Him.

I am committed to the Savior, and I want to please Him more than anything else. Nothing 
else matters to me, just my Lord's will. I was also rejected and reviled by others, just 
like Jesus. But I have learned He is the One Who cares most and loves me more than any 
human being. I have learned not to trust in man, but solely in God, for He is my life, 
my being, my strength. He is everything I could want and all that I'll ever need. I love
Him and I will forever praise His holy Name. All glory to Him now and forever. AMEN. 



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