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God's Miracle In Progress


Hello, I am the mother of a 26 week preemie, she weighed 2lb 6ozs. She stayed in NICU for 3 months, 
and this was a very difficult time for our family. It was a roller coaster ride daily. On the 18th day 
of life it was discovered that she had a bleed, and needed spinal taps done to relieve pressure in
her head. 

The next week a reservoir was placed, and 3 weeks later a permanent VP shunt was placed. The 
day after the surgery, it was learned that the shunt was infected and needed to be removed. The 
shunt was removed and our baby was treated with antibiotics. Two weeks later another shunt was 
placed, and then she was released to go home. 

In June 1999, we were informed she has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy, and we started therapy 
immediately. We now attend therapy 4 days per week , 2 x per day. It was very difficult to deal 
with the diagnosis, but with the help of God, we did. 

She has had 2 additional surgeries to replace the shunt, and 3 surgeries for placement of ear tubes. 
She also had her Adenoids removed. Overall she was doing great, and progressing well. She is now 
attending a regular Daycare, talking nonstop, and even starting to cruise (began walking), and standing
for a few seconds at a time. In September, she started to attend a County Preschool/Headstart 
(Blended class: some disabled children & some normally developing children), and she receives her
Physical & Occupational therapy there. I continue to praise the Lord daily for her progress!! 

I would like to say, sometimes it is very difficult to deal with your baby having disabilities, but they are 
also such a blessing. It has made us stronger as parents, and more compassionate as people. Overall
our daughter is doing well, and we feel very blessed to have her. 

Remember, God has a plan for everyone, and He does not make mistakes!!! If you wish to ask any 
questions, or just talk, please feel free to e-mail me at Heaven1991@aol.com

May God continue to bless you and your family.


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