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God Never Fails


My Testimony of the Love and Concern of the Father through His Son. 

Last week my little daughter of 14 years took her digital diary to school to enter the tele nos 
and address of her friends as it was the last day of serious study before the commencement of 
the final exams. When she had finished with the dd she put it in the zipper of her bag and forgot
about. When she reached the ground floor her friend pointed out to her opened zipper. 

My Debra checked the pouch and found her dd missing. When we heard about this we are in a fit
of rage. I even accused her of being careless saying "you should have given to either mummy or me.
You cannot take care of things and a whole lot of things to put her off from taking the dd to school". 

That night the family I prayed "Lord, if the person who has taken the dd can put it to good use or 
needs it for some reason, then let it be. If the intention was otherwise, then we would like it back" 
Yesterday morning Dianne, my wife received a call from the school office saying "a dd has been 
found with her tele nbr in it" Dianne was elated. 

She broke the news to me and I was in tears to think of the love and concern of the Lord. He never 
fails us when we surrender to His will. Thank and praise you Jesus. You are simply marvelous. I 
pray that this testimony will have a powerful impact on those reading it - that our Lord is ever gracious
and loving and that WE need to surrender completely to Him and forget about it.... Jesus never fails... 

My children have realized that God never fails and that they should have faith and only faith... 

Ken, Dianne, Gillian and Debra D'Cruz - Vikhroli, Mumbai - India


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