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The Death Of My Dad


Hello, Earlier I had asked the praying people to pray for my Dad and my family. My Dad had been 
sick for a very long time and was really suffering. I wanted him to quit suffering and I was ready to 
tell him goodbye because I knew where he was going. I ask the people to pray that God be merciful
on him and let him go quickly and easy. 

Well on March 2 my Dad did just that. He took his last breath and closed his eyes and he was at 
home and he was resting. My husband told me that he tried to get my attention to show me 
something, but I couldn't understand what he was trying to show me. 

My Dad loved wind chimes. We had lined them up on the ceiling above his bed when he had gotten 
bed ridden. He loved to look at them and hear them chime. Well, my husband told me that when my
Dad took his last breath and relaxed the biggest wind chime on the ceiling tingled. He said he knew 
then that my Dad was at rest and happy. This wind chime is rainbow colored with Angels on it. No
one was touching it or near it and my husband said it made the prettiest sound. That I believe is 
when my Dads spirit left this earth and entered Heaven. And that was a sign that he was at peace 
and rest and was finally happy and his suffering was over. 

I thank God for my Dad, I didn't like watching him suffer, but I think I have grown through this. 

Please keep praying for my family, especially my Mom, she is 70 and we are still staying with her, but 
when we move back home I don't know how she will do. I pray she will be fine, but after you live with 
someone for 52 years and then you have a house all by yourself, I know that will be hard. I also know 
that she is not going to give up and live with someone. So just keep her in your prayers. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for my family. My brothers still have not turned to God so they still 
need your prayers. And so do I, I am the one that has to make the decision when to leave my Mom 
and move back home. 

My husband, daughter and myself have all but given up our own lives and stayed with my Mom and Dad 
for the past two months so this is going to be very hard on all of us. So, please keep all of us in your prayers. 

I thank God for getting us as far as He has and know that He is going to be with us all the way. 

Thank you once and again and God Bless You all,


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