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God Saved My Family


I thank our Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. It has been years that I have been claiming 
on the promises of God. That is, when one is saved, the whole household shall be saved. 

I was glad when my parents received their salvations. I was delighted when my grandfather who has
been giving lots of excuses as not to go to Church, finally got saved! Praise God! I felt very blessed!

It hasn't been easy though and I want to encourage all of those who are still praying for their loved ones'
salvation to hang-on to Jesus and continue the good work you have begun. I, too, had many a times,
slackened in my prayers and also questioning God why I have to wait so long? Looking back now, I 
can understand that God is always true to His Word, that is, in all things it will happen accordingly in His 

He not only blessed me and my loved ones but also, blessed His other children who brought my loved ones 
to know Him. Indeed, when the Lord blesses His people it is always multi-folds! I will continue to pray 
for the salvation of my sister and brother and their respective families.

I hope and if God is willing, I shall be writing in again soon. Hallelujah!


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