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I Am Nothing


My testimony, my gift of salvation from MY Jesus, isn't to praise my own self. MY Jesus has 
done everything I have accomplished in my Christian walk. I could not have done anything I 
have accomplished on my own. Jesus Christ has done ALL for me. 

He has given me a life worth telling about. A life where there's heartaches and fears along with 
smile and warm embrace. He has given me the chance to reach out and touch people's lives 
around me. He didn't have to give me a wonderful life. A life filled with trials and tribulations 
along with peace and joy. Have you ever wondered why God blesses you with the things that 
you receive? I have. I used to question him all the time of why he blesses ME and love ME. 
Not only did he answer me, but he also gave me a new outlook on life itself. God blesses me
because I trust in him. 

He gives me the chances to work for him and show him exactly how much he means to me. He
blesses me because he loves me. He loves ME. He also loves everyone else in this world, but 
to look at it as though he loves ME...that is so personal and so awesome. There is not one thing 
that I have done in my life without the help of MY Jesus. Some people may tell there stories of 
there salvation (their testimonies) as though they've done that all on their own. That God wasn't
there to supply them with what they needed. I can't even believe that I could do anything without
the wonderful strength of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

He loves me even when I can't stand up for him. When I am so low in the valley of sin he still looks 
down from a place of contentment and sees a woman that he died for. He paid the most awesome 
debt for me. Shedding his blood for ME. And for YOU. He sees a woman that needs him. He 
carries me through the times that I can't see any hope. Yet, I still look up to him in amazement. 
Even though I should have known that he would do that for me. 

Satan may cause me to forget at times exactly what MY God is capable of. But, God will never 
forget exactly what MY God has done for me in my life. He loves ME no matter what. In spite 
of all my failures and all my disappointments, he still blesses me. Through those quaint and mysterious
ways or through those eye-popping awesome ways he is always and forever blessing me. Showing 
me exactly what I am capable of through his mighty power. I love MY Jesus. MY Jesus...just 
saying that sends chills through my body. He is so awesome! MY Jesus...that is so personal. He 
provides me with so many things in my life that bless me everyday. He is the only way to have 
peace throughout life. Without Jesus...I am nothing. How awesome is that! 

Proverbs 3:5,6: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; lean not into thine own understandings. 
Acknowledge him in all thy ways and he shall direct thy paths. 

Ashley M. Craigo


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