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Stephanie's Testimony


Hello, I would just like to share you my testimony, Well first of all in "1999" I had supposedly gotten saved in 
October, then I started to read my bible, it was the NIV and one day in church my preacher had said that you 
shouldn't read the NIV because it did not say the right words it replaced words or changed words, so then I 
stared to read the King James Bible and then I just thought that the devotions were to long and I just stop 
reading the bible altogether and well then I got caught up in sin. I started to cuss and listen to bad music and 
all I had on my mind was guys instead of God.

Well then I started to have doubts and ever time in church when we had the invitation I was like yeah of course
I am saved, I am, I just am, then on July 8, 2001 the preacher was like if you are not reading your bible then 
you are going to drift farther away from God, and he also said that if every time you feel something tugging on 
your heart then it is the holy spirit and he is telling you to get right with God, and once he finished and asked the 
lost ones to come down I felt that tug and then I asked my self, "Stephanie are you saved, do you know you
will go to heaven, how about Jesus, are you sure you believe that he died for us," and for once instead of saying, 
"I think," on all of those questions I for once said, "no," and I was telling the truth. 

I went down to the alter and my Sunday schools teachers wife had helped lead me to the lord and right after that 
she got saved. So maybe in the process of me getting saved, God had someone else very special to get saved to.
I now know and have full confidence that Jesus had died for are sins, (John 3:16), it says it in the bible and the 
bible's my proof and I have faith that he did, now I am asking you. 

Are you going through a trial that you need help on? Well Jesus is there and if it does not seem like it well you got 
to have faith and also when you see only one set of footprints; well thank the lord it does not mean he disserted you,
it means he is carrying you. I am only 14 and I care alot about Jesus and alot about you my brother or sister and 
hopefully you will not be like me and know that you are lying every time the invitation comes, also my twin sister 
had got saved three days after that on July 11, 2001, I had been praying for her alot and she had been living out 
in the world like me and well I guess God new that I had to get right before he answered any of my prays. 

I hope my testimony has touched you young or old and will you please help me pray for my unsaved dad, his 
girlfriend is unsaved too and so is her family members too, and my brother got in some trouble and is not where 
he needs to be so pray he will be home soon and live on fire for God again, some of my family members are not
saved, but almost all of them went to church after my grandfather had died on Dec. 5 2001. That is a blessing; 
God is gradually answering my prayers.

God Bless You,


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