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A New Heart From God


Hello, My name is Denny. I am a 53 year old man who, 8 years ago suffered congestive heart failure. I was 
told from the beginning that my heart would never heal and that all they could do was to maintain me on
medications, probably for the rest of my life. 

I was told that none of these meds. would heal me, just keep me going. All along I had faith in God that He was 
going to heal my heart. Every time I went to the doctor, he would listen for this sound that he called galloping from 
my heart. About a year ago, I was on my way to the doctor for my checkup and I was praying all the way there 
and the Sunday before that, I was prayed for at the church we attend and I felt it was the time God had planned
for my healing. 

After the doctor listened to my heart, I asked him what would you say if that sound was not there anymore. He 
looked at me in amazement and said. Why did you ask me that right now. I replied that I was expecting it not to 
be there. He said, well, it is not there. I said Praise God and of course he said he thought the meds had something 
to do with it. Even though all along he told me they wouldn't do that. 

After that I had an echo-cardiogram and it showed my heart to be just fine. Every day I will thank God and praise 
His name and spread His unconditional love for us. 


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