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The Lightning Storm


I had gone out on the front porch during an awesome thunderstorm. 
As I was sitting on the steps a line from a song came into my head. 
It was something like "How could you love a heart like mine?" 

I was immediately humbled and my head bowed itself until my chin 
hit my chest, and then even lower. It was the most powerful prayer 
I have ever had, praising God and thanking Him for all He does for 
me everyday. Admitting that I am nothing without Him. 

When I was done, I slowly raised my head and opened my eyes. Immediately 
upon opening my eyes, the sky lit up with the most spectacular 
lightning display I've ever seen. It filled the entire sky and lasted about 
10 seconds. Afterward the thunder boomed as if God was acknowledging my 
prayer. I was in awe. 

What a cool God we have! I was so filled with the power of God I 
could barely speak. It was a wonderful feeling. 


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