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Jesus Is The Faithful Provider


I am an older single woman with good job skills. I live alone in a nice place. I have not had a steady 
job in over 2-1/2 years. When I lost my job at that time, the Lord called me into the spiritual desert 
and said, "From now on, I alone am the One who will meet all your needs."

I love the Lord with all my heart, but this was not easy for me to accept. When things are going well 
and the money is coming in from a familiar source, it is so easy to say, "God will meet all my needs". 
But when the going gets tough and all those familiar sources dry up, that is when our faith is tested 
and we have to learn to depend on God. 

The Lord has brought me through many different emotions during that time frame. Anger, fear, self-pity,
and frustration, to name a few. I struggled against what God was calling me to do causing me to be at 
wits-end many times. When I pleaded with God to give me some relief and bring in some work, He 
would open the door for a few days of temporary work (which would come in unexpectedly) but all 
this just delayed His plan for my life, which was to trust Him explicitly no matter what the 
circumstances looked like.

Well, sisters and brothers, I want to tell you my God IS faithful. Through all that time, despite my 
negative attitudes, the Holy Spirit still taught me how to speak God's Word over all circumstances 
in my life. He also taught me that my God IS faithful when I stand on His Word and believe what 
He says IS true. 

To this date, I am still without steady work but I have come to learn that God Almighty does what 
He says -- He does stretch the money supernaturally and He does have unexplainable ways to bring
in just what I need, at just the right time. I have never been late with the rent (which just increased 
last month again), my car payment, nor any other bill. When I need extra money for car insurance, 
car registration, etc., He opens the door for some very good paying temporary work or places it 
on someone's heart to give me some money. I am a tither and a giver, and when God brings the 
money in, I do give His portion back to Him cheerfully. 

Through this all, I have truly learned to live one day at a time and to trust in the Lord to meet all my 
needs. Because I no longer struggle where God has me, I have so much peace in my heart.

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I just smile and say, "My Father is very rich. He 
owns a cattle on a thousand hills and I am living off His inheritance." And I am, because as a child 
of the King, Jesus Christ is my inheritance and I am His.

So if you are having financially difficulties, remember that when we submit in obedience to God and 
come into His rest, He will meet ALL our needs His way - not ours.




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