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1185th -- A Personal Message - My Dream Of Jesus


When I first followed God's leading and started this ministry, I only had 
one intention in mind and that was to lead lost souls to the saving 
knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now almost 14 years later that 
intention is still the main focus, but I also want the believers in Jesus 
to know that they can become better and rise higher now and in the future 
to come no matter what they have faced in the past. I want every message 
that I send out to be filled with hope, encouragement, inspiration and a 
deep sense of knowing that God loves you and wishes for you to excel in 
every area of life. I know the extent to which God's Grace reaches and I 
always want to make it known that no man is beyond God's redemption. He 
wishes for all to repent of their sins and come back to the One who loves 
them more than they will ever fully understand. I'm thankful that God has 
given me the wisdom and the understanding to do this work that reaches so 
many and I'm humbled that He has entrusted me with this important work. 
(John 3:16) (Ezekiel 33:11)

I am thankful that God has honored my intention and that many souls have 
been saved and many people have been encouraged and inspired to reach for 
the heights of victory that is instilled within their hearts. I am 
thankful also that many who had wanted to give up read one of my messages 
either directly or indirectly and they were encouraged to try just one 
more time. Life is difficult for everyone, but when we dig our heels in 
and be steadfastly determined to never give up and never give in, then our 
victory will be within our reach and we will be so proud that we stayed in 
the fight when we do overcome that trial, challenge or adversity.

I never thought or imagined that my life would be used in this way, but I 
am glad that God has found me worthy. The Lord has been faithful to 
encourage and inspire people around the world through this vessel that has 
surrendered to His will. I am constantly in awe of how gracious and 
merciful God really is. I can say in all honesty and unashamedly so that 
many times after I finish writing a message and after it has been edited 
and polished off, I read the message and I can't believe that these words 
came from me. I shake my head and say, “Wow, how did I write that?” That 
is proof positive that it is not coming from me, Dwayne, the person, but 
it is coming from the Holy Spirit within me who directs these messages and 
writes them so that others may be encouraged, inspired, challenged and 
lifted up. I can't tell you how many times I have been told “This message 
came exactly when I needed it.” That can't be my doing. That is why the 
Lord deserves all the credit. (Isaiah 30:21)

I am thankful to all of my ministry members that have sent words of thanks 
and appreciation for the messages they have received throughout the years. 
No thanks is necessary, but it is greatly appreciated. The next time you 
read one of my messages and are lifted up, all you have to do is raise 
your eyes towards Heaven and say “Thank you Lord.” He is the one who 
encouraged you and made your heart a little less heavy. He is the faithful
Father who gives us exactly what we need right when we need it. He may 
not answer early, but He is never late. God is always right on time with 
meeting the needs of those who trust Him. We may not always understand 
why, but in faith let us trust that all will be well in the end. We should
always remember to keep in mind that God's Love reaches far beyond our 
thinking. His love is unconditional, eternal and never ending. He waits 
with open arms for us to call upon Him and receive all that He has waiting 
for us.

I can't say it enough that I'm thankful. God has used this simple vessel 
to do more sitting down than I could have ever done on my own standing up.
The Lord has been faithful since the beginning of this ministry. He has 
kept it anointed, fruitful and a blessing to an untold number of people 
whom I will never know personally, but that is fine with me. The Lord 
knows each one personally and that's all that matters. I don't really have
a message in this message, I just wanted to share what was on my heart and 
let you be a part of it. I guess my main point is that I Am Thankful!

I don't think I have ever shared my dream of when I went to Heaven and saw 
Jesus. In case I haven't, I will include it below. I pray that it will 
encourage your heart and show you how loving and merciful the Lord Jesus 
really is.


In my dream, I was suddenly in Heaven and the first thought I had was about
my dad. I wanted to see my dad who passed away in February 2001, but 
something told me no. I don't know if it was my own mind or the Holy 
Spirit, I'm not sure, but something told me “You have to see Jesus first.”
Then just that quick I was brought to Jesus. I don't remember anybody 
leading me to Him or anybody taking me to where He was, I was just suddenly
standing before Him. I don't remember focusing on anything except His 
face. Then He spoke to me. He said, “Dwayne thank you for proclaiming my 
name so well, thank you for telling others about me, thank you for always 
lifting my name so high.” The last thing He said to me was “I am proud of you.”

Those are the only things I remember Jesus saying to me, but the look in 
His eyes is something that was equally as beautiful or even more beautiful.
The look in His eyes said to me "I know you, I've known you, and I’ve seen 
everything you've been through." His look was so pleasing, so beautiful, 
so peaceful. That is something that will stick with me for a long time. 
I never said anything to Him. I don't remember speaking. I'm not sure 
why, but I didn't. When I opened my eyes, I didn't feel like I was 
dreaming. It felt real. It felt like I was having a vision with my eyes 
closed. That was amazing to me.

This is the second time I've seen the Lord Jesus. The first time was over 
17 years ago in August of 1996. It was about a month after my boating 
accident and I was still at the rehab center. In my dream, the Lord came 
to my bedside and stood beside me. He placed His right hand over my heart 
and without speaking I felt Him say to me “I will give you peace.” And 
then I woke up. Looking back on that dream now, I am thankful for His 
grace. The reason is because I wasn't a Christian at that time. I didn't 
accept the Lord as my Savior until a year after that dream. The Lord has 
been faithful. He has given me peace that is comforting. He has given me 
wisdom beyond my years, mercy for the times I fall short, and grace to 
carry my burden with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Lord is faithful even when we fall short. His mercy reaches from 
everlasting to everlasting. His love knows no end and His forgiveness is 
without limit. The Lord is worthy of our praise. I have dedicated my life
to Him and I pray that many will receive for themselves the peace, love and
forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers to all who call upon His Name. He is 
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and is worthy to receive our praise.

Written on May 23, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.



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