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On these pages, we'd like to share with you the testimonies that our readers have shared with us; stories of struggle and triumph and the love of our Lord.  All share one thing in common:  people have come to Jesus Christ and have found the love that He offers all of us, completely and unconditionally.  Please enjoy these testimonies as people share their relationships with the Lord with you.


We hope you will be blessed by these testimonies.


God's Grace And Mercy
Blessed Are You...
My God Is Awesome
The Warrior
Jackie's Testimony
Lord Jesus Comes In
Harvey's Testimony
From Prison To Praise
Really, Do You Need God?
God's Intervention By Angelic Rescuers
A Death Brought Repentance
Julie Harrell's Testimony
Prodigal Daughter
Edie Sevy's Testimony
Still Learning
When God Whispers Your Name
The Love of Jesus Saved My Life
Lauralee's Testimony
Tammy's Testimony
I Was Once Lost
A Better Way
Betty Moss's Testimony
God's Revelation To Me
The Prayer of An Atheist
Heather Eckles' Testimony
Always Be Available
Why Not You?
Rhonda Radandt's Testimony
Do You Believe In Miracles?
The Almighty Cure
We Can't Revive Her...
Lynn Hanninen's Testimony
God's Alive And Well
Jesus Still Heals Today
Brought Out of The Mud
Rescued From Depression
How I Was Saved
From The Root of Defeat To The Bloom...
When I Became A Christian
To God Be The Glory
Though The Sail Has Been Torn...
The Encounter
He Brought Me Through
But, God Stepped In
Life Changing Event
One In A Million
The Faithfulness of God
When I Met The Master
J.R. Downey's Testimony