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Nighttime Treasures


Two brothers farmed together. They lived in separate houses on the family
farm, but met each day in the fields to work together. One brother was
married and had a large family. The other lived alone. Still, they 
divided the harvest from the fields equally.

One night the single brother thought, "My brother is struggling to support 
a large family, but I get half of the harvest." With love in his heart, he 
gathered a box of things he had purchased from his earnings - items he knew 
would help his brother's family. He planned to slip over to his brother's 
shed, unload the basket there, and never say a word about it.

The same night, the married brother thought, "My brother is alone. He doesn't 
know the joys of a family". Out of love, he decided to take over a basket 
with a quilt and homemade bread and preserves to "warm" his brother's house.
He planned to leave the items on his porch and never say a word.

As the brothers stealthily made their way to each other's home, they bumped 
into one another. They were forced to admit to what they were doing and 
there in the darkness, they cried and embraced, each man realizing that his
greatest wealth was a brother who respected and loved him.

Author Unknown


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