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A Need Supplied


A young preacher had been away from home and was returning. He did 
not have much money, just what he had been given in a love offering 
for his ministry. He knew if he took out the tithe there would not 
be enough to cover expenses to get home. He took out the tithe and 
happily gave it over to the Lord. Then he started driving down 
the road. 

He drove until he needed gas, praying that the Lord would provide. 
On what he was sure was the last bit of gasoline in the tank, he 
pulled into a gas station. Getting out of the car he counted the 
little change he had in his pocket and told the attendant that he 
wanted whatever gas that amount would by. 

The attendant stuck the hose in the tank and went about cleaning 
the windshield noticing a Bible on the seat of the car. The gas 
pump continued to pour gasoline into the tank and the preacher began 
to get excited. 'You'd better stop the pump. This really is all 
the money I have." He said. "M-m- O.K." The attendant replied, and 
let the pump go on as he finished cleaning the windows. Inspired 
from the preacher's pleas the attendant filled the tank to the brim.
Then, he led the preacher into the station. Reaching up to a high 
shelf he grabbed an old battered lunch bucket. "Would you by chance
be a preacher?" he questioned. 

The preacher nodded and said he was on his way home from a meeting 
and was about out of money. "Well, I thought you might be. I saw that 
Bible in the car. I am a Christian, but we don't' have a good church 
around here. So I have been setting aside the Lord's money and asking 
Him to show me what to do with it." With that he opened the lunch 
bucket, reached in and pulled out a fistful of bills and thrust them 
into the preacher's hand. "That and the tank full of gas should get 
you home and help take care of you." 

But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in 
Glory by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19)

Author Unknown


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