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The Story of Soul


There once was a man named Soul who was walking in a garden. He was
whistling a real sweet tune for he was saved and had the joy of the Lord.

But he was a "baby Christian". As he was walking a beautiful and seductive
woman came out from behind a tree. Soul was very startled. He said, "Hello,
I'm Soul, what is your name?" She replied, "I am Temptation, I have 
what you want."

"What do I want?" replied Soul.

"You want to do all things which are of the flesh," said Temptation.

Soul replied, "all right then, lead me."

So he and Temptation went off and fulfilled the desires of the flesh. When
Soul returned to the garden, he met a man named Condemnation. Condemnation
said, "Hey, I see you have met my friend, Temptation."

Soul said, "Yes, who are you?"

"I am Condemnation, I come after Temptation ... we work hand-in-hand. And
for the time that you have spent with Temptation you now have a debt that
you must repay."

Then Condemnation jumped on Soul's back and began to beat him. He hit him
in the face and kicked him when he was down. This went on for several days. 
On about the third day a man named Mercy came running and said, "I command 
you Condemnation to stop beating Soul."

Condemnation snickered, "Make me."

So Mercy unsheathed his sword and cut Condemnation in two. As Soul watched
in astonished pain, he was overwhelmed by the power of Mercy. Mercy walked
up to Soul and said, "I have dealt with Condemnation before. He should not
show up around you anymore."

Soul replied, "How can I ever thank you?"

"Well," replied Mercy, "I was sent here by God, and He told me to introduce
you to a dear friend of mine. His name is Redemption."

Redemption walked up and said, "Hello Soul, I see that you are not doing

Soul replied, "Not until Mercy came along. It is a pleasure to meet you

"Well", said Redemption, "I am glad to meet you ... but are you ready to
accept me?"

"What do you mean?" asked Soul.

Redemption said, "Well, when you accepted Jesus and decided to walk with
Him, you chose to accept the things of Him and His love. I am a part of
Jesus' love. I help you feel forgiven. You will never have to deal with
Condemnation again. Temptation may come around, but I have someone I would
like for you to meet that can help you with that. Her name is Grace."

Grace walked up to Soul and said, "Hello Soul, I have been waiting for you.
As a matter of fact all three of us have been waiting to meet you. I will
help take you out of the way of Temptation whenever she comes around. There
is one more person we want you to meet ... her name is Faith."

"Hi Soul, I am Faith, and I will help you stay strong and keep your beliefs
strong," said Faith.

Soul began to cry. When he began to cry Redemption said, "It's going to be
ok ... this is what we are here for Soul. Jesus gives you his Mercy to
redeem you, and keeps you saved by Grace through Faith. Jesus loves you

Soul said, "And I love you Jesus.

Author Unknown


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