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Encouragement - Stories and Poems

Everybody needs encouragement now and then, and we offer these stories and poems to you in the hopes that you'll find something that will touch your heart, something that will help you to face a new day, a new situation, a new problem. God wants us to lead rich, full lives, and sometimes we need to be encouraged towards the fulfillment of our potential.



A Rose Within
Young Man And The Snake
Puppies For Sale
Touch Of The Master's Hand
Under His Wings
The Salesman (A Funny Joke)
The Scars
The Bird Cage
Three Trees
Whose hands?
Words of Wisdom
Speeding Ticket
"Just Because"
The Story of Soul
Grandma's Cake
Not Home Yet
One Glass of Milk
The Tapestry
The Winner
Great One-Liners
The Rock
Keep Your Fork
Savior And Judge
Have You Sharpened Your Axe?
The Richest Man


The Stone That Couldn't Hold Him
The Source Is You
Always Believing
When Jesus Looks
God's Kingdom
Sands And Stones
Just Checking In
Comfort For All
The Shepherd and The Lamb
Positive Alternatives
What Kids Say...
You Still Have Hope
In The Midst
The Magic Love
The Year of Our Lord
Hold Me Tight, Dear Lord
In The Middle of The Storm
A Broken Spirit
Time To Get Serious
Faithful Is He Who Has Promised
Healed And Whole
I'm Drinking From My Saucer
Call of A Prayer Warrior
The Weaver
Her Pretty Smile