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Words For Your Family


I'm proud of you. 
Way to go!
Bingo-- You did it. 
I knew you could do it. 
What a good helper. 
You're very special to me. 
I trust you. 
What a treasure. 
Hurray for you!
Beautiful work. 
You're a real trooper. 
Well done. 
That's so creative. 
You make my day. 
You're a joy. 
Give me a big hug. 
You're such a good listener. 
You figured it out. 
I love you. 
You're so responsible. 
You remembered. 
You're the best. 
You sure tried hard.
I've got to hand it to you. 
I couldn't be prouder of you. 
You light up my day. 

Author Unknown


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