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Broken Branches


The wind came through my life today, 
Taking branches along the way. 
Some I've had for so long I felt, 
They were so very strong. 

But the wind stripped them from me, 
Taking them far from the tree. 
Scattering my life like broken branches, 
Without thoughts of the damage. 

To a life that is so frail, 
That sometimes hangs just by a nail. 
Never knowing how the wounds will leave me, 
Scared, alone, and forever weeping. 

The broken branches of one's life, 
Comes from living and taking chances. 
For if we dare not to stand in the wind, 
We would grow weak from within. 

Even the storms of life feed the soul, 
And help us to live and to grow. 
Storms remind us that we are not the ones, 
That are in control. 
But that we are just to live, 
With what God gives us here down below. 

Have you ever seen a tree, 
Long after the storm has had its way? 
In many ways it may have changed, 
It will not look the same. 

But God still takes the broken tree, 
And makes it more like it should be. 
Shaping the new branches here and there, 
As it grows under His care. 

The storms of life may rip and tear 
Taking things that we feel are so dear. 
But this void is the place, 
That God's greatest work, 
Can most take place. 

When God's work on us is done, 
We will be as perfect as his Son. 

Romans 11:17-18


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