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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus


Alas, I feel battered and bruised,
The waves are knocking me about.
Their strength is overpowering me.
"Help me, My Lord, for I am going under." 

Then a hand reached down to me,
As I grabbed it so tightly, I looked up.
I looked into the eyes of love.
A peace overwhelmed me completely. 

"My child, I am here with you. It is only when 
you took your eyes off me that you were beaten.
The waves cannot harm you. Only if you let them." 

I knew then, the truth was easy to see.
For I had allowed the waves to beat me down.
As many that hit, I stood not still. I doubted.
Yet, He was there and He is here. He never left. 

The waves still hit hard and strong,
But I felt not a one and stood strong.
For my eyes were no longer on them.
My eyes were on "Love", Agape Love. 

By Sharon Niese


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